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Justin’s Hope Fund was established by The Children’s Brain Tumor Foundation (CBTF) to support research for children’s brain and spinal cord tumors and cancer. 90% of all money raised will go directly to research for better treatments and ultimately cures.


Bracelets are sold in sets of 25 at the cost of $50 per set. To submit payment online, use the form below. 

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Justin's Hope Fund comes in the following choices:

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Support Brain Cancer Research

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Adult Navy Blue 25 pack - $50

Like Justin, CBTF hopes for a world with no brain cancer and believes their newest research project the Children’s Brain Tumor Tissue Bank (the consortium) will help accomplish that dream.

Presently there are over 25,000 children and young adults in the United States who have been treated for a brain or spinal cord tumor. Many of these survivors suffer from permanent cognitive and physical deficits caused by surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. Every year there are 3,400 newly diagnosed children with brain and/or spinal cord tumors who will join their ranks. Sadly, one-third of these children do not live beyond five years.

Research for this fatal childhood cancer lags behind that for many other cancers. With almost no government funds supporting this disease, most of the money raised for research is through charitable organizations and foundations created in children’s memories.

Because no single hospital has sufficient tumor tissue volume to accomplish statistically reliable samples for evaluation collaboration among institutions is essential to facilitate better treatments and ultimately find cures for this devastating disease.

The consortium is exactly that. With a minimum of four major children’s hospitals agreeing to contribute tissue samples, it will solve the issues of independent research. It is a unique research platform in which a standard has been developed to collect tumor samples. The collected sample is then processed for molecular analysis at The Center for Applied Genomics located at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and ultimately will become public for any research laboratory in the world to access and further scientific discoveries.

This is an excellent opportunity for any organization or individual to commit fund-raising dollars, be part of the cure for pediatric brain and spinal cord tumors and help Justin achieve his hope for a better future. A future where there is no more brain cancer.

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