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  • 11 families across America will learn that their child has a brain or spinal cord tumor
  • A mother will grieve that her instincts about her child’s health were right.
  • A father will allow himself to cry, but only alone in the shower.
  • 3 families across America will mourn the loss of their child to a brain or spinal cord tumor
  • Friends, family and community will try to make sense of an untimely death and the unfulfilled promise of a life.
  • 6 families across America will transition to survivorship.
  • A mother will be too exhausted from providing constant care to her child to simply write checks to pay bills.
  • A father will again adapt his day, family and life to a new definition of normal, unlike any he had previously envisioned.
  • A survivor on the brink of adulthood will wonder if he’ll ever date, marry or have a family.

Today, Children’s Brain Tumor Foundation will be there with insight, support, respite and hope.

Today, we invite you to join us!


Please feel free to contact us at 212.448.9494 or if you need any more information about donations, by credit card or otherwise.

$35  to print 10 Resource Guides – critical tool for parents of newly diagnosed children 

$100  underwrites one Teen Talk for survivors of brain tumors

$350  sends a family to our Big Apple Circus day

$725 underwrites a day of services to our families

$1,200  sends a family to a three-day camp where everyone can have fun and find support

$5,000 is a critical gift toward our research for causes and prevention of brain and spinal cord tumors

$20,000 sends 40 teens and 9 mentors to Teen Survivor Camp


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