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Jacob Isidore Capucilli-Shatan

January 3, 1997 - June 8, 1999

My son Jacob was a wonderful child who lit up every room he entered. He seemed to have genuine charisma at an early age. When he was 14 months old he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. We had an amazing neurosurgeon remove the mass and then went through an incredibly aggressive, cutting-edge chemotherapy protocol which included a stem-cell transplant. During this difficult time, the only thing that made it possible for me and my wife to keep going was Jacob's sunny disposition and uncomplicated view of life. Even in the direst situation, he was an extremely rewarding child who actually grew to love his team of doctors and nurses. They became his, and our, lifelong friends. Unfortunately, even though Jacob came through his protocol with flying colors, the tumor was stronger, recurring much more severely six months later. At this point, all our doctors could offer us were palliatives. Thanks to them, we had another three months of beautiful time with our boy. He got to know his sister, who was just six weeks old when his tumor came back, and do a lot of fun things. During all this time, from the initial diagnosis through to the recurrence, Jacob just went on becoming more and more himself. That's one thing that haunts us the most, almost ten years after his death at age two-and-a-half: He was a whole person already, with his own ideas, interests and memories. He had a unique view of the world and was never allowed to express it fully.

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What a sweet angel missed by many!

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