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Daniel Patrick Jegle

October 23, 1994 - February 8, 1998

Danny came into this world on a rainy day in October. He was born 15 minutes after we arrived at the hospital and instantly brought joy to our entire family.

At 6 weeks old, Danny was diagnosed with Pyloric Stenosis. Then at 2 months old, he was diagnosed with a bi-lateral hernia. Danny was no stranger to the hospital by this time in his short life. Things settled down after a while and we thought the worst was over for him--just bumps and bruises from here on out.

At 26 months old, we thought Danny had a routine sinus infection. We went to see his doctor; who examined him and sent us for a Cat Scan. Then we went to the emergency room at Schneider's Children's Hospital.. We were told that he had a brain tumor. Medulloblastoma. After 2 tumor resections, chemo, and radiation - Danny surrounded by his family left us as quickly as he arrived.

Danny loved home made chocolate chip cookies, Winnie the Pooh, Robin from Batman, Buzz & Woody, Rocco's Pizza, and the movie Back Draft. He wanted to be a fireman and a golfer just like his Poppy. Danny taught us many things while he was with us and still teaches us things today. He went through so much and never complained. He always had a smile and a hug for everyone.

We miss him terribly still after 18 years, but still feel his presence in our hearts everyday. In his honor, we hold a golf outing every year to memorialize him and raise funds and awareness for the CBTF. We never could have gotten through this with out the love and support from our family and friends. Because as Danny would always remind us: "You go - We go!"

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Hi, do you have coverlets in Australia for use!

I will remember him!  What a wonderful little guy!


Thanks..  He is a beautiful angel.  All of our family and friends have had and will have the pleasure of Danny smiling down on them...  I know you will as well.
What a beautiful angel!

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