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Loss, Grief and Bereavement

The following are a list of resources and information. Read a description of our Loss Grief and Bereavement Program.

Bereavement Support Groups, Programs and Resources

February 18, 2014
 *Please Note: All lists of resources provided by CBTF include information gained from general research. This list does not imply endorsement.  

Financial Assistance for Bereaved Families

April 10, 2013
Financial AssistanceThe following list of organizations may provide financial assistance toward funeral and burial expenses Andre Sobel River of Catastrophic Illness in Children Relief Fund 

Books on End of Life, Loss, Grief, and Bereavement

July 24, 2012
The following books may be helpful to parents, siblings, grandparents, family members and friends who have lost a loved one. Please note that we are not familiar with every book on this list. However, all books have been recommended by parents and professionals. When possible, we included a...

Hospice, Palliative Care, And Bereavement

November 10, 2009
“The grieving process with a child with a brain tumor starts at the diagnosis. That's when the grief, anger, and searching begin. And they continue after.” In the previous chapters, we shared information about different types of brain tumors and the treatment options available. Your...

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