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In Treatment


April 10, 2013
Good nutrition is an important part of your child’s treatment. Try to deviate as little as possible from your child’s normal diet. Your child’s body needs to heal and gain strength in order to resume normal activities and undergo any treatments that may be planned.

Clinical Trials

April 10, 2013
Clinical Trials/ProtocolsYour child’s doctor or treatment team may recommend that you enroll your child in a clinical trial. This is a research study of new therapies (or experimental drugs and treatments). By studying a larger collected group of children in a protocol with very exact...

Changes in Physical Appearance

April 10, 2013
For children (especially teenagers), self-esteem and self-confidence are often closely related to physical appearance. Changes in appearance may lead to an altered self-image.

The Parent as Advocate

April 10, 2013
An advocate is a person who speaks in support of, or pleads the cause of, someone else. You are the best advocate for your child. Sometimes your child’s voice will be heard only if you speak up.

Your Child's Medical Team

April 10, 2013
After the initial diagnosis of a brain or spinal cord tumor is made, you may need to consult other specialists and doctors, depending on the type of tumor and the treatments recommended. Together with you, these professionals will take a team approach and map out a general plan of care for your...

Supporting Your Child

April 10, 2013
Just like their parents, children often feel emotionally stressed in the face of serious illness. Children’s—especially teens’—anxiety levels may already be high from whatever suffering the tumor has caused, from the loss of independence and physical ability, to pain or the...

Preparing for Surgery

April 10, 2013
Your child’s neurosurgeon will go over the precise details of what will take place during your child’s surgery. It is important, for several reasons, that you clearly understand what is going to take place. Not only are you going to be asked to give informed consent by signing the...

General Hints

April 10, 2013
Depending on what type of brain tumor your child has, you may be experiencing long hospital stays. A hospital environment can seem intimidating at first, but we hope the hints we provide here will help you and your child feel more comfortable. Both of you need to feel as comfortable as possible in...

Getting a Second Opinion

April 10, 2013
Not everyone wants or requires a second opinion, but it can be very reassuring, and no doctor should be insulted by your requesting to consult another doctor about your child’s life and well-being. Opinions may not, of course, be of equal value. Try to obtain them from pediatric specialists...

Ependymomas Defined

April 10, 2013
Ependymoma belongs to a group of brain tumors called gliomas. A glioma is a tumor that grows from a glial cell, which is a supportive cell in the brain. Ependymoma can occur in any part of the brain or spine, but most commonly occurs in the cerebrum, the largest part of the brain. Ependymoma start...

National Association for Proton Therapy

October 20, 2011
We often hear questions pertaining to proton therapy and therefore we wanted to provide members of the CBTF community with a resource to provide you with additional information on proton therapy. The National Association for Proton Therapy (NAPT) is a non-profit organization supported by...

Outline from Elizabeth Klein - 2004

November 17, 2009
Psychosocial Impact and Community Reintegration Presented by Libby Klein General concepts. There are 26,000 brain tumor survivors in the USA today (CBTRUS) According to the IOM report on childhood cancer survivorship “cognitive impairments such as learning disorders...


November 12, 2009
Cranial radiation, brain surgery, and some chemotherapeutic agents can compromise cognitive and/or sensory functions and may result in learning difficulties. Special education services may be appropriate for children whose brain tumor treatment seriously interferes with education and learning.

Going Home

November 10, 2009
Preparation and Transition When to Call Your Child’s Doctors Medical Expenses, Insurance, and Financial Assistance Nutrition Changes in Physical Ap

At The Hospital

November 10, 2009
Following are a few articles to help deal with hospital related issues.

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