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Scholarship and Education Information

February 2, 2016
The following resources can help survivors locate scholarships and find pertinent information regarding educational needs that may be unique to them. Scholarships are listed on order of their deadline. Please note that some may be limited to certain regional areas.Scholarship Resources:FEBRUARY 2016

Children’s Educational Rights and their Legal Protections

April 15, 2015
There are laws to protect the rights of children who are left with learning disabilities, physical or health limitations that keep them from participating in regular educational programs.

Educational Late Effects

April 10, 2013
Unfortunately, survivors of childhood brain tumors frequently develop problems in the areas of intellectual ability, academic achievement, memory, and attention. Although many different factors are probably responsible for these changes, including tumor location and surgery, age (younger than 7...

Returning to School

April 10, 2013
“Back to normal” means “back to school” for most older children. When your child returns to school, you want him or her to be treated as normally as possible. You will need the cooperation of both the school and the health care professionals working with your child. It is...

College Services for Students with Disabilities

November 12, 2009
Most high school seniors will agree that finding the perfect college is a cumbersome, intimidating task. Those students who have either a physical or learning disability have the extra burden of finding a college with the appropriate support staff and accommodations necessary willing to meet the...

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