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After Treatment and Survivorship


February 28, 2016
The following are a list of brain tumor and brain injury resources listed alphabetically by state.

Camps and Wish Granting Organizations

April 28, 2015
The following is a list of camps and wish granting resources offered to pediatric cancer survivors and their families.Camps for children and their familiesCamp Mak-a-DreamCamp Mak-a-Dream offers a cost free, medically supervised retreat in Montana to children and families affected by cancer.

Children’s Educational Rights and their Legal Protections

April 15, 2015
There are laws to protect the rights of children who are left with learning disabilities, physical or health limitations that keep them from participating in regular educational programs.

Driving Information

January 8, 2014
Whether you drove before you had a brain tumor or are getting ready to drive for the first time, you want to be sure you are ready. There are adaptations which can be made for vision impairments and there may be circumstances in which you are better off not being on the road. Sometimes, you may...

Parents, Marriage, and Family

April 10, 2013
The tasks, obligations, and emotions related to having a child with a serious illness can strain even a strong marriage and family. If parents are divorced or separated, they will need to try to put their personal differences aside to help their child. Single parents may need even more support from...

Advice for Dealing With Your Insurance Company

April 10, 2013
Educate yourself. Know about your child’s illness and why referrals to specialists are needed. You will sound knowledgeable and thus will be more likely to quickly get the assistance you need.Get a copy of your policy and review it carefully. See exactly what services are covered and how the...

Educational Late Effects

April 10, 2013
Unfortunately, survivors of childhood brain tumors frequently develop problems in the areas of intellectual ability, academic achievement, memory, and attention. Although many different factors are probably responsible for these changes, including tumor location and surgery, age (younger than 7...

Medical Late Effects

April 10, 2013
Late effects span a spectrum from mild and easily treatable problems (such as an underactive thyroid) to, on rare occasions, serious and life-threatening problems (a second, new cancer).  One way to determine your risk for late effects is through the Oncolink Web site.  On the site, a...

Follow-Up Treatment and Rehabilitation

April 10, 2013
Initially, you or your child will be making regularly scheduled visits to the neurosurgeon or other specialists to follow up on his or her progress. Professionals affiliated with support services may be monitoring you at home to provide help, but there are still other experts who may have to be...

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