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Information and General Financial Aid Resources

Originally published on November 11, 2009
Most recently updated on May 8, 2014

The following is a list of organizations and government funded programs that offer information and support for families dealing with cancer.  They cover a wide range of needs including medical equipment coverage, costs of travel, utility assistance and more. Some of these are specific to certain regions of the U.S.

A Mother's Kiss provides emotional and financial support to the families of childhood cancer patients in the Long Island and Metro-New York area.
Phone: 631-924-2770
The ACS offers financial support to individual communities based upon region.  They also offer the Hope Lodge in certain locations, which offers a place for families to stay during cancer treatment.
Phone: 800-ACS-2345
The B+ Foundation is committed to helping the families of critically ill children with financial assistance so they can focus on helping their child get well.
ACCF offers an emergency assistance fund designed to help families in crisis pay for items such as rental and/or mortgage payments, utility bills, automobile repairs, overnight hotel stays, parking and meal tickets, groceries, and funeral expenses.
Phone: 804-658-5910
The Butterfly Fund through the Brain Tumor Foundation for Children offers assistance with rent or mortgage payments, utility bills, car loan payments, car repairs, miscellaneous household expenses, etc., items not normally covered by some health insurance plans, such as special medications, long-term or special rehab services, hearing devices, wigs and prosthetic devices, home health services, tutoring, etc., travel and lodging expenses associated with seeking and/or obtaining treatment at locations outside of the patient’s city or state, and funeral expenses.  Only children treated at certain facilities are eligible.  Please see the website for more details.
Phone: 404-252-4107
Bryan's Dream Foundation supports families of children with brain tumors and other pediatric cancers through financial assistance, information and support.
CFAC is a collection of resources helping cancer patients manage their financial challenges.
Cancer Fund of America s a non-profit organization set up to help patients, hospices and other non-profits by sending them products free of charge.
Phone: 1-800-578-5284
CCC offers assistance in various forms, including gift cards for things like gas, groceries, etc.  They also have the "White Hat Fund" which funds essential needs (like electric, rent/mortgage, car payment, etc) to qualifying families.
Phone: 813-367-5437 x. 6
CCRF's "Helping Hands" fund helps families with utility bills on a monthly basis.
Phone: 800-238-6479
Families can request funding for gifts, last wishes and financial assistance.
Commitment to Access is a program through GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) that offers reimbursement, copay and copay assistance and reimbursement for home deliveries and copays.
Phone: 1-866-265-6491
Have a Heart Children's Cancer Society assist's families of children with cancer with medical bills, treatments, equipment, transportation and household expenses.
The Foundation helps with clinical necessities (such as medication and surgeries), medical equipment and travel related to a child’s care once insurance and other financial resources have been exhausted. Additionally, the Foundation implores doctors, hospitals and equipment providers to discount their services below listed prices. Funding is distributed directly to the child’s immediate healthcare provider. 
Phone: 816-201-1569 
FCC has a financial assistance program that is unique in that it eliminates the “red tape” which often hinders families who need financial assistance. FCC networks with social workers, doctors, hospitals and clinics across the country to discover legitimate, unmet needs. It provides financial support in a variety of ways. For example, assisting families with monthly mortgage and rent payments, monthly utility bills, car repairs and car payments.
Phone: 414-716-6250 
Frankie’s Mission has identified the need to help families when they reach an out of control financial crisis due to the overwhelming nature of their child’s illness and medical care. Funds raised to support Frankie’s Mission come from individuals, families, businesses, corporations and full communities.
Phone: 718-234-1729
Friends of Karen provides direct financial assistance for illness-related expenses including, but not limited to:
Transportation to medical treatment, parking, in-hospital meals, childcare for siblings when parents have to be with their hospitalized child, medical expenses not covered by insurance and basic living expenses.
Phone: 212-308-1378
GiveForward allows you to create a personal fundraising page to empower friends and family to send love and financial support to patients as they navigate a medical crisis. 
The Iron Matt Foundation awards assistance to anyone under the age of 21 who is currently receiving treatment for a brain tumor is eligible to apply for financial assistance. Examples of covered expenses include, but are not limited to: Rent, mortgage, lodging for treatments, car payments, and incidentals resulting from treatments not covered by commercial insurance or Medicaid.
Phone: 201-410-2751
Direct financial assistance supports families dealing with long hospital stays and getting to and from distant hospitals with gas and/or grocery cards. Emergency financial assistance is available upon request to assist with household bills, groceries, medical prescriptions and, when necessary, funerals or memorials.
Phone: 831-724-9100
The Jacob Michael Davis Foundation helps to support the cost of uncovered childhood cancer treatments such as; inpatient hospital and housing costs, transportation, prescription and academic support.  Aid is specific to certain hospitals.
Phone: 888-563-3686
JRF gives grants to meet specific financial challenges facing families undergoing treatment to fill the gaps where other organizations could not step in. Grant amounts have varied depending on need and specific circumstances. Referrals must be made by a professional team to indicate need and evaluate.
KADMF provides assistance with out-of-pocket expenses not covered by insurance, such as utility and phone bills, mortgage, rent, car payments, transportation costs, disability needs, air conditioners for children with severe pulmonary, cardiac, dermatologic, liver, and kidney diseases, medically necessary dietary supplements, special foods, and formulas, co-pays, child care, and funeral expenses.
Phone: 215-643-0763
Financial aid is available for medical bills as well as child care, housing payments, utility bills, transportation, medication and other areas of assistance.
Phone: 440-840-6497
NCCS offers transportation and emergency assistance for families dealing with a children's cancer diagnosis. They also partner with Agelity, a national provider of discount prescription drug cards.
Phone: 314-241-1600
The Pearce Q. Foundation seeks to address the needs of families facing a pediatric cancer diagnosis by helping to relieve financial burdens.
Phone: 302 753 8612
Rebuilding Together provides critical repairs and renovations for low-income homeowners across the United States.
Phone: 1-800-473-4229
The Sarah Grace Foundations provides families of children with cancer a variety of financial help and support including: ball game tickets, financial aid, funeral expenses, holiday parties/activities, meal and transportation allowances, sponsored outings and toys and games.
Phone: 516-433-9745
Smiles for Sophie Forever
Smiles for Sophie Forever provides financial support to those families burdened by pediatric brain tumors by offering grants through their organization.
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