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Brain Tumor Survivor Late Effects Clinics

Originally published on November 10, 2009
Most recently updated on December 18, 2013

The following is a list of comprehensive late effects clinics. These clinics follow the Children’s Oncology Group (COG) long-term guidelines for survivors of childhood, adolescent and young adult cancer. They address the medical, educational, and quality of life issues faced by brain tumor survivors.

There are two important reasons that you should participate in follow-up at a late effects clinic:

  • these clinics are familiar with potential late effects related to cancer treatment and
  • your involvement will allow them to continue to develop knowledge about the effects of treatment.

Not all of the clinics listed below are seeing brain tumor survivors, but the contact person will be able to guide you to the appropriate department within their hospital. If you are unable to attend a late effects clinic, we recommend you print the COG guidelines specific to your diagnosis and treatment and share them with your healthcare provider. It is vital that you know your treatment history and share this with all of your healthcare providers. Please call CBTF at 866-228-HOPE or email if you need further survivorship information.

Taking on Life After Cancer (TLC) Clinic
Contact: Pat Cotton, CRNP                                          
Phone: 205-638-5448 alt 205-638-9285
1600 7th Ave South , Lauder Suite  512                  
Birmingham, AL  35233   
Primary Physician: Kimberly F. Whelan, MD                        
Criteria: At least 2 years post treatment               
Clinic Times: Fridays                       
Cardon Children's Medical Center          
Banner Pediatric Specialists Hematology/Oncology                         
Contact: Lucille McElrath, MSN, SNPBC                                 
Phone: 480-412-5437     
1432 S. Dobson Rd., #107                             
Mesa, AZ 85202               
Primary Physician: Michael Graham, MD                              
Criteria: At least 3 years post-treatment               
Clinic Times: First and third Tuesday of every month                                                                       
Phoenix Children's Hospital                      
Long-Term Follow-Up Clinic      
Contact: Camille Ramey, RN, BA, CPON 
Phone: 602-933-0920     
1919 E. Thomas Rd.                        
Phoeniz, AZ 85016          
Primary Physican: Galit Rosen, MD          
Age limit:No limit            
Criteria: 10 years post treatment or 18 years post diagnosis (whichever is later) 
Clinic Times: Every Thursday and first Wednesday of the month                                                                               
Bass Center for Childhood Cancer and Blood Disorders
Lucile Packard Children's Hospital at Stanford Health   
Health After Therapy (H.A.T.) Clinic      
Contact: Verna Mitchell, PNP                                    
Phone: 650-498-6206     
725 Welch Road                               
Palo Alto, CA 94304                        
Age limit: No limit           
Criteria: At least 5 years post treatment               
Clinic Times: Wednesdays                                                                           
Children's Hospital of Central California                                                                                                             
Phone: 559-353-5480     
9300 Valley Children`s Pl (FC13)                
Madera, CA 93636-8762               
Primary Physician: John Gates, III, MD                                                                                                                   
Contact:  KaseyRangan, RN        
Phone: 877-222-5433     
4650 Sunset Blvd., MS# 54                          
Los Angeles, CA                90027   
Primary Physician: David Freyer, DO, MS              
Age limit: Sees adult and pediatric survivors       
Criteria: Diagnosis of cancer at age 21 or younger, at least five years from diagnosis, at least two years from completion of therapy and currently in remission          
Clinic Times: Survivors new to the program are seen on Thursdays and returning survivors are seen on Wednesdays                                                                      
Contact: Janet Hager, RN, BSN                  
Phone: 714-509-4181     
1201 West LeVeta Ave.                
Orange,                CA 92868            
Primary Physician: Lillibeth Torno, MD   
Age limit: 21 years old
Criteria: At least 2 years post treatment               
Clinic Times: Thursday afternoons                                                                           
North Office Building                     
Contact: Karla Wilson    
Phone: 626-471-9220     
1500 E. Duarte Rd.                          
Duarte, CA 91010            
Primary Physicians: Saro Armenian, DO; Julie Wolfson, MD; Smita Bhatia, MD     
Age limit: No limit           
Criteria: At least 2 years post treatment               
Clinic Times: Wednesday mornings and Friday afternoons                                                                           
Contact: Susan Shannon              
Phone: 562-728-5000     
2801 Atlantic Avenue                    
Long Beach, CA90806   
Primary Physician: Amanda Termuhlen, MD       
Age limit: 21 years and up           
Criteria: At least 2 years post-treatment                                                                               
Rady Children's Hospital - San Diego                     
TAC (Thriving After Cancer) Program     
Contact: Lynn Schubert, RNC, CPON, BSN                                            
Phone: 858-966-5811 or 858-966-1700, ext. 7136               
2010 Children's Way, 2nd Floor                 
San Diego, CA 92123      
Primary Physician: Andrew Dietz, MS, MS                            
Criteria: At least 2 years post treatment               
Clinic Times: Wednesdays                                                                           
Contact: La Vette Bowles, F.N.P               
Phone: 310-825-6708     
650 Charles E. Young Drive South, Room A2-125 CHS                       
Los Angeles, CA                90095                                                                                                                                   
Contact: Genevieve Sylvain, RN                                                               
Phone: 720-777-5441     
13123 East 16th Ave.                      
Aurora, CO 80045            
Primary Physician: Brian Greffe, MD       
Age limit: No limit           
Criteria: Must be 5 years post-diagnosis and two years post-treatment 
Clinic Times: The second Tuesday and third Wednesday of each month 
Phone:  720 -848-0349
Anschutz Outpatient Pavilion
1635 Aurora Court
Aurora, CO 80045

Contact: Terri Laggis, RN                                              
333 Cedar St. LMP 2073                
New Haven, CT06525   
Primary Physician: Nina Kadan-Lotik, MD                             
Criteria: Diagnosed before age 21 and must have completed treatment
Clinic Times: First, second, and third Mondays of each month                                                                    
Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children     
Center for Children's Cancer and Blood Disorders           
FACT (Follow-Up After Cancer Treatment) Long-Term Follow-Up Treatment     
Contact: NicoleJordan, MSN, ARNP, CPNP                                         
Phone: 321-841-8588     
92 W. Miller St., MP #318                             
Orlando, FL 32806           
Primary Physicians: Vincent Guisti, MD, Don Eslin, MD; Robert Sutphin, MD; Amy Smith, MD; Susan Kelly, MD                    
Criteria: Children and adult survivors of pediatric cancer who are at least 2 years post treatment               
Clinic Times: Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday                                                                 
Golisano Children's Hospital of Southwest Florida                         
PACE (Pediatric After Cancer Experience) Clinic               
Contact: Pam K.                Wojicki, RN-CS, ARNP, CPON                                     
Phone: 239-343-5333     
9981 Healthpark Drive, Suite 156                              
Ft. Myers, FL 33908        
Primary Physician: Emad Salman, MD                                     
Clinic Times: Daily                                                                            
Nemour's Children's Clinic                        
FACT (Follow-Up After Cancer Treatment)         
Contact: Connie                Mol, ARDN                                        
Phone: 904-687-3793     
807 Children's Way                         
Jacksonville, FL  32207   
Primary Physician: Eric Sander, MD
Age limit: 21 years          
Criteria: At least 2 years post treatment
Clinic Times: Wednesday and Thursday mornings and Friday afternoons                                                                               
Aflac Cancer and Blood Disorders Services         
Aflac Cancer Center and Cancer Survivor Program                           
Contact: Brigette Bondurant, DNP, CPNP                                             
Phone: 404-785-1717     
5455 Meridian Mark Rd., Suite 400                          
Atlanta, GA 30322           
Primary Physician: Lillian Meacham, MD               
Age limit: 21 years
Criteria: At least 2 years post treatment               
Clinic Times: 5 half clinic days per week                                                                 
Emory Healthcare                          
The Emory Clinic             
Contact: Mary Batcha, RN           
Phone: 404-288-8838     
1365 Clifton Rd.                
Atlanta, GA 30322           
Primary Physician: Natia Esiashvili, MD  
Age limit: 21 years and up           
Criteria: Must be 2 years post treatment
Advocate Children's Hospital - Oak Lawn Campus                           
POST (Pediatric Oncology Survivors in Transition) Program        
Contact: Linda Rivard                                     
Phone: 708-684-4042     
4440 W. 95th St.                               
Oak Lawn, IL                      
Primary Physicians: Sharad N. Salvi, MD; Ammar Hayani, MD; Jason Canner, DO; Rebecca McFall, MD
Criteria: At least 3 years post treatment               
Clinic Times: New survivors are seen on Tuesdays, returning survivors are seen on Thursdays                                                                    
Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago   
Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center of Northwestern University                       
Contact:  KarenKinahan, RN, MS, PCNS-BC         
Phone: 312-695-4979     
675 North St. Clair 21-100                             
Chicago, IL 97239             
Primary Physician: Aarati Didwania, MD
Age Limit: 21 years and up          
Criteria: Diagnosed at age 21 or younger, at least 5 years post-diagnosis
Clinic Times: Wednesday afternoons                                                                     
Riley Children's Hospital                                            
Contact: Ann Haddix, RN, CPNP                                
Phone: 317-944-2143     
702 Barnhill Drive                            
Indianapolis, IN46202-5128        
Primary Physician: Terry Vik, MD              
Criteria: 2 to 3 years post treatment       
Clinic Times: First and fourth Wednesday of every month
Children's Hospital        
Kentucky Clinic of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology       
UK Pediatric Cancer Long-Term Follow-Up Program       
Contact: Stacy Carter, RN, CPON                                              
Phone: 859-323-8075     
740 S. Limestone, 2nd Floor                        
Lexington, KY 40536       
Primary Physician: Sherry Bayliff, MD, MPH                                        
Clinic Times: Monthly    
Children's Hospital of New Orleans                       
TACLE (Treatment After Cancer and Late Effects)             
Contact: Sherry Troquille                                             
Phone: 504-896-9740     
200 Henry Clay Ave.                       
New Orleans, LA 70118 
Primary Physician: Pinki Prasad, MD                       
Criteria: At least 5 years post diagnosis and 2 years post treatment          
Clinic Times: Every second Friday of the month                 
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute                    
The Stop and Shop Neuro-Oncology Outcomes Clinic    
Contact: Elizabeth Asselina         
Phone: 617-632-2680     
450 Brookline Ave., DA3-156                      
Boston,                MA 02215                                                                                                                                           
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute                    
David B. Perini Jr. Quality of Life Clinic for Childhood Cancer Survivors 
Contact: Karen Gilpin    
Email: perini_clinic@dfci.harvard,edu                    
Phone: 617-632-5124     
450 Brookline Ave.                         
Boston,                MA 02215                                           
Criteria: At least 2 years post treatment and diagnosed before age 21    
Clinic Times: Tuesdays and Thursdays                                                                    
Contact: Katarina Steacy, FNP   
Phone: 202-476-5863     
2150 Pennsylvania Ave NW, 4th floor                     
Baltimore, MD   49503   
Primary Contact: Jennifer Dean, MD      
Age limit: No limit           
Criteria: Must have been diagnosed before 21 years and is 3 years post diagnosis         
John Hopkins Oncology Center                
Long-Term Follow Up Clinic       
Contact: Kathy Ruble, RN                                            
Phone: 410-614-5062     
600 N. Wolfe St.                               
Baltimore, MD   21267                   
Age Limit: No limit          
Criteria: 3-5 years post-diagnosis                                                                                             
University of Maryland                                
Long-Term Follow Up Clinic       
Contact: Holly Deluca    
Phone: 410-328-2808     
22 S. Green Street                          
Baltimore, MD   53792                   
Age Limit: No limit          
Criteria: At least 2 years post-treatment                               
DeVos Children's Hospital                         
The After-Care and Transition (ACT) Program    
Contact: Colleen Gardner                                            
Phone: 616-391-2086     
330 Barclay NE, Suite 203                             
Grand Rapids, MI 49503               
Primary Physicians: Deana Mitchell, MD; Beth Kurt, MD                
Age limit: Serves both children and adult survivors of childhood cancer            
University of Michigan
Department of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology              
Long-Term Follow Up Clinic       
Contact: Marcia                Louisell-McFawn, RN, MSN, FNP-BC                                       
Phone: 734-615-7518     
1500 East Medical Center Drive                 
Ann Arbor, MI 48109     
Primary Physician: Rama Rao Jasty, MD                 
Criteria: At least 3 years post treatment               
Clinic Times: Mondays                                                                  
Children's Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota                  
Long-Term Follow Up Clinic       
Contact: Vicki Schaufers. RN, CNP                                           
Phone: 612-813-5940     
2530 Chicago Ave. South, Suite 175                         
Minneapolis, MN 55404               
Primary Physician: Joanna Perkins, MD                 
Criteria: Children and young adults who are at least 3 years post treatment         
Clinic Times: Monday-Friday                                                                      
Essential Health              
Erick Peter Person Children's Cancer Center                      
Contact: Jackie Stewart, PNP                                     
Phone: 218-786-3625     
420 E. 1st St.                      
Duluth, MN 55805           
Primary Physician: Jacquelyn Wierma, MD           
Age limit: 25 years          
Clinic Times: Tuesday-Friday                                                                      
University of Minnesota Amplatz Children's Hospital   
Riverside East Building
Long-Term Follow Up Clinic at Journey Clinic    
Contact: Jill Lee, CPNP                                  
Phone: 612-365-6777     
2450 Riverside Ave.                        
Minneapolis, MN 55454
Primary Physician: Karim Sadik, MD        
Age limit: 21 years          
Criteria: 5 years post diagnosis  
Clinic Times: Friday mornings and Tuesday afternoons   
Mercy Hospitals and Clinics                       
Survive and Thrive Program       
Contact: Wendy               McClellan, RN, BSN                                       
Phone: 816-460-1053     
2401 Gilham Rd.                               
Kansas City, MO 64101  
Primary Physician: Joy Fulbright, MD      
Age limit: 21 years
Criteria: 5 years post diagnosis and 2 years post treatment          
Clinic Times: Meets 4 times per month                                                                  
SMS Cardinal Glennon Children's Hospital         
The Bob Costas Center 
Long-Term Follow Up Clinic       
Contact: Kelly Smith, RN                                              
Phone: 314-268-4000     
1465 South Grand Blvd.                
St. Louis, MO 63104        
Primary Physician: Abigail Sharamitaro, RN, MSN, CPRN
Age Limit: No limit                          
Clinic Times: 3 times per month on Friday afternoons                                                                     
St. Louis Children's Hospital                      
Late Effects Clinic           
Contact: Jennifer Henry, BA                                       
Phone: 314-454-6048     
One Children's Place                      
St. Louis, MO 63110        
Primary Physician: Robert Hayashi, MD 
Age limit: No limit           
Criteria: Must have been diagnosed before age 21 and be 2 years post treatment           
Clinic Times: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays                                                                              
Contact: Nathalie Carrizosa, NP                                
Phone: 704-381-9900     
1001 Blythe Blvd.                             
Charlotte, NC 28203       
Primary Physician: Jennifer Pope, MD   
Clinic Times: Wednesdays                                                                                                           
Duke University Medical Center             
Pediatric Hematology/Oncology
Young Cancer Survivors Program             
Contact: Monica Austin                                
Phone: 919-684-3401     
2301 Erwin Rd.                  
Durham, NC 27710          
Primary Physician: Philip Rosoff, MD                      
Criteria: 5 years post treatment
Clinic Times: Thursdays                                                                 
Novant Health Presbyterian Medical Center     
Novant Blume Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Clinic  
HOPES (Helping Oncology Patients Embrace Survivorship) Clinic            
Contact: Jennifer Weisner, RN, CPNP                                    
Phone: 704-384-1900     
301 Hawthorne Lane                     
Charlotte, NC 28204       
Primary Physician: Christine Bolen, MD                 
Criteria: 2 years post treatment
Clinic Times: First Thursday of every month        
NORTH DAKOTA                                                              
Sanford Roger Maris Cancer Center                       
Long-Term Follow Up Center    
Contact: Marcia                Stubstad, RN, CPHON                                   
Phone: 1-800-551-6161 
820 4th St. North                             
Fargo, ND 58122              
Primary Physician: Samuel Anim, MD                     
Criteria: Child and young adult cancer survivors who are at least 2 years post treatment
Clinic Times: Second Thursday of every month                                                                  
Norris Cotton Cancer Center                                                                     
Phone: 603-653-0593     
One Medical Center Drive                           
Lebanon, NH 03756        
NEW JERSEY                                                                                                                      
Hackensack University Medical Center
Tomorrow' Children's Institution            
Cure and Beyond            
Contact: Jill Brooks                                         
Phone: 201-487-8987     
96 Summit Ave.                               
Hackensack, NJ07601   
Primary Physician: Michael B. Harris, MD                              
Clinic Times: Monday-Friday                                                                      
Contact: Dawn Carey RN, MSN, APN                      
Phone: 732-235-7552     
195 Little Albany St.                        
New Brunswick, NJ 08903-2681 
Primary Physician: Margaret Masterson, MD                      
Criteria: Any survivor of a childhood cancer who is 2 years post remission       
Saint Peter's University Hospital                            
LIFE Program                                                                     
Phone: 732-745-6674     
254 Easton Ave.                               
New Brunswick, NJ 08901            
NEW MEXICO                                                                                                                   
YES Clinic                                           
Phone: 505-272-6418    
2211 Lomas Blvd., NE, 3rd Floor                
Albuquerque, NM 87131                             
Age limit: No limit           
2 years post treatment
Clinic Times: Friday afternoons                                 
NEW YORK                        
Children's Hospital at Montefiore                          
REACT Clinic      
Contact: Annette Pedro                                               
Phone: 718-741-2342     
3515 Bainbridge Ave.                     
Bronx, NY 10467              
Primary Physician: Michael Roth, MD     
Age limit: No limit
Criteria: 5 years post diagnosis or since last relapse         
Clinic Times: Thursdays, 2-4pm                                                                 
Columbia University Medical Center    
Herbert Irving Child and Adolescent Oncology Center  
Center for Survivor Wellness    
Contact: Trisha  Ali                                          
Phone: 212-305-2354     
161 Fort Washington Ave., 7th Floor                       
New York, NY 10032       
Primary Physician: Jennifer Levine, MD, CSW     
Age limit: 22 years                          
Clinic Times: Tuesdays                                                                  
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center                           
Adult Survivor Clinic     
Contact: Joanne Candela, RN     
Phone: 646-888-4730     
300 East 66th St., 9th Floor                          
New York, NY 10065                                                                                                                                       
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center           
Department of Pediatric Oncology         
Long-Term Follow-Up Clinic      
Contact: Elaine Pottenger, MS, RN, CPNP            
Phone: 212-639-8138     
1275 York Ave.                 
New York, NY 10021       
Primary Physician: Charles Sklar, MD      
Age limit: No limit                                                                                                           
Roswell Park Cancer Institute   
Department of Pediatrics           
Long-Term Follow-Up Clinic      
Contact: Theresa Carbone, MS, RN, CPNP                                           
Phone: 716-845-4447     
Elm & Carlton St.                             
Buffalo, NY 14263            
Primary Physician: Denise Rotika, MD; Martin Mahoney, MD      
Age limit: No limit                           
Clinic Times: Fridays                                                                       
Steven and Alexandra Cohen Children's Medical Center of New York                   
Survivors Facing Forward            
Contact: Theresa-Jean Mayr, RN, CPON                                               
Phone : 718-470-3151    
269-01 76st Avenue, Suite 255                   
New Hyde Park, NY 11040           
Primary Physician: Jonathan Fish, MD                    
Criteria: 3 years post treatment
Clinic Times: Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays                                                                   
SUNY Upstate Medical Center 
Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Survivor Wellness Center        
Contact: Barbara Niedziolka, RN, MSN, FNP                                        
Phone: 315-464-5294     
750 E. Adams St.                              
Syracuse, NY 13210        
Primary Physician: Jody Sima, MD                            
Criteria: 5 years post diagnosis and 2 years post treatment          
Clinic Times: Monday-Friday                                                                      
Winthrop University Hospital
The Cancer Center for Kids                         
Generation of Survivors
Contact: Cathy Shimmel, RN, BS, MA, CPON       
Phone: 516-663-9400     
120 Mineola Blvd., Suite 460                       
Mineola, NY 11501          
Primary Physicians: Mark Weinblatt, MD; Sharon Coritisidis, RN, MS, CPNP, CPON            
Age limit: No limit           
Criteria: At least 2 years post treatment                                                                                               
Women and Children's Hospital at Buffalo                                        
Contact: Lorna Fitzpatrick, MD  
Phone: 716-878-7394     
219 Bryant St.                   
Buffalo, NY 14222                            
Age limit: No limit           
Akron Children's Hospital                          
Late Effects and Long-Term Follow Up Clinic / Young Adult Transition Clinic      
Contact: Pam Jones, RN, CPNP                                 
Phone: 330-543-4059     
One Perkins Square                       
Akron, OH 44308             
Primary Physician: Stephanie Savelli, MD                             
Criteria:  2 years post treatment               
Clinic Times: Weekly                                                                      
Cincinnati Children's Survivorship Center                           
ATP Five-Plus Clinic       
Contact: Judy Correll, RN, CPN                                  
Phone: 513-636-3512     
3333 Burnet Ave., ML 1026                         
Cincinnati, OH    45229   
Primary Physicians: Karen Burns, MD; Raj Nagarajan, MD; Jonathan Tolentino, MD                          
Age limit: Sees children, teen and adult survivors             
Clinic Times: Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays                                                                       
High Five Clinic                                                               
Phone: 216-444-5437     
9500 Euclid Avenue                        
Cleveland, OH   44106                                   
Criteria: 5 years post diagnosis and 2 years post treatment                                                                                          
Cleveland Rainbow Babies & Children's Hospital                            
The Center for Survivors of Childhood Cancer   
Contact: Kelly Laschinger, RN                                     
Phone: 216-844-3345     
11100 Euclid Avenue                      
Cleveland, OH   44106   
Primary Physician: John Letterio, MD     
Age limit: No limit                           
Clinic Times: Weekly or as needed                                                                          
Dayton Children's Hospital        
Neuro-oncology Clinic                 
Contact: Heather Tallet, RN        
Phone: 937-641-4611     
One Children's Plaza                      
Dayton, OH 45404           
Primary Physician: Emmet H. Broxson, Jr., MD, FAAP      
Age limit: 22 years and up           
Criteria: Must have been diagnosed as a child                                                    
Contact: Lory Guthrie, RN, BSN, CPON
Phone: 614-722-8917     
700 Children's Drive, Suite H11A                               
Dayton, OH 43205           
Primary Physician: Randal S. Olshefski, MD          
Age limit: No limit           
Criteria: At least 3 years post-treatment                                                                               
Doernbecher Children's Hospital            
Oregon Health and Science University 
Survivors Thrive Clinic  
Contact: Kelly Anderson, NP                                      
Phone: 503-418-5150     
700 SW Campus Drive, 10th Floor                             
Portland, OR 97239         
Primary Physician: Susan Lindemulder, MD         
Age limit: Age 20             
Criteria: 2 years post treatment
Clinic Times: Friday afternoons                                                                 
Legacy Health  
Randall Children's Hospital at Legacy Emanuel 
Victory Clinic    
Contact: Patricia Vrooman R.N., MSN, CPNP, CPON                                        
Phone: 503-413-2560     
2801 N. Gantenbein Ave., Third Floor                    
Portland, OR 97227                                         
Criteria: Adult survivors of a pediatric cancer
Clinic Times: Monday-Friday                      
Contact: Wendy Hobbie               
Phone: 215-590-0432     
34th and Civic Center Blvd.                         
Philadelphia, PA 19104  
Primary Physicians: Jill Ginsberg, MD, Wendy Hobbie, MSN, CRNP           
Age limit: Program limits are determined by patient's individual circumstances. 
Criteria: Must be at least 5 years from diagnosis and 2 years post-treatment.     
Clinic Times: Weekly                                                                      
Contact: Donna Pucci
Phone: 215.615.3371
3400 Civic Center Blvd.
Philadelphia, PA, 19104
Primary Physician: Linda Jacobs, PhD, RN

Age limit: 18 years and up
Criteria: 2 years post treatment
Clinic Times: Weekly on Tuesdays
Tomorrow Fund Clinic at Hasbro Children's Hospital                     
CHAMPS Program          
Contact: June Bjerregaard                                          
Phone: 401-444-5171     
593 Eddy St., MPS-1                       
Providence, RI   02903   
Primary Physician: Jennifer Welch, MD                 
Criteria: Diagnosed before age 19, 3-5 years post diagnosis and in remission for 3+years               
Clinic Times: Tuesdays  
SOUTH CAROLINA                                                          
Survivorship Clinic                                                         
Phone: 864-679-3900     
900 W. Faris Rd.                               
Greenville, SC 29605                                                                                                                                      
Medical University of South Carolina Children's Hospital                           
Follow-Up After Cancer Treatment (FACT)                         
Contact: Colleen Rodenburg, RN, BSN                                   
Phone: 843-792-2957     
135 Rutledge Ave., PO Box 250558                          
Charleston, SC   29425   
Primary Physician: Ana Xavier, MS           
Age limit: Age 30                             
Clinic Times: Meets 2 times per month  
Contact: Patty Dacus, RN                             
Phone: 901-595-3658     
262 Danny Thomas Place                             
Memphis , TN 38105      
Primary Physician: Melissa Hudson, MD
Age limit: Up to 10 years after diagnosis or until age 18 (whichever comes first) 
Criteria: Must be a patient of St. Jude's or referred by another physician              
Clinic Times: Monday-Friday                                                                      
Vanderbilt Children's Hospital                 
REACH for Cancer Survivorship
Contact: Kristen Campbell, RN, MSN, CPNP                                        
Phone: 615-343-7400     
1500 21st Ave., South, Suite 2500                             
Nashville, TN 38105        
Primary Physician: Debra Friedman, MD                               
Criteria: At least 2 years post treatment and 5 years from diagnosis         
Clinic Times: Tuesdays and Wednesdays              
Children's Medical Center of Dallas                       
After the Cancer Experience (ACE) Clinic             
Contact: Judy Watkins                                  
Phone: 214-456-2948     
1935 Medical District Drive                          
Dallas, TX 75235               
Primary Physicians: Dan Bowers, MD (children and teens); Angela Orlino, MD (adults)                   
Criteria: 2 years post treatment
Clinic Times: Daily                                                                            
Cook Children's Medical Center                              
Life After Cancer Program                                                                          
Phone: 682-885-2125     
1500 Cooper St., 5th Floor                           
Fort Worth, TX  76104   
Primary Physician: Paul Bowman, MD    
Age limit: Age 30             
Criteria: 5 years post diagnosis and 2 years post treatment          
Clinic Times: Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays                                                                            
Dell Children's Medical Center of Central Texas                              
Survivorship Center      
Contact: Sharon Odozynski, CNFP                                           
Phone: 512-628-1910     
1301 Barbara Jordan Blvd., Box 87                            
Austin, TX 78723              
Primary Physician: Sharon Harrod, MD                  
Criteria/ Limit: 2-10 years post treatment             
Clinic Times: Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays                                                                       
MD Anderson Cancer Center     
Children's Cancer Center                            
Contact: Angela                Yarbrough, FNP                                               
Phone: 713-792-6615     
1515 Holcombe Blvd., Box 87                     
Houston, TX 77030          
Primary Physician: Joann Ater, MD          
Age limit: No limit                           
Clinic Times: Tuesdays and Thursdays                                                                    
Texas Children's Hospital           
Late Effects Clinic           
Contact: Gaye Hamor, MSHA                                     
Phone: 832-822-4727     
6701 Fannin St., CC-1510                              
Houston, TX 77030          
Primary Physician: Hillary Suvawa, MD   
Age limit: No limit           
Criteria: 5 years post diagnosis and 2 years post treatment          
Clinic Times: Wednesdays and Fridays   
University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio          
Christus Santa Rosa Children's Hospital               
Childhood Cancer Survivors Clinic          
Contact: Dina Paz, RN                                    
Phone: 210-704-2187     
333 N. Santa Rosa St., 8th Floor                 
San Antonio, TX                78207   
Primary Physicians: Shafqat Shah, MD; Gregory Aune, MD                                          
Clinic Times: Tuesdays  
University of Vermont College of Medicine
Given Medical Building – Room 203
Late Effects Clinic
Phone: 802-847-2850
Burlington, VT 05405
Age limit: No limit
Criteria: 5 years post diagnosis
Children's Hospital of the King's Daughter         
Children's Cancer and Blood Disorders Center  
Individuals Thriving After Cancer Treatment (INTACT) Program
Contact: Ellen Vasser                                     
Phone: 757-668-7018     
601 Children's Lane                        
Norfolk, VA 23507           
Primary Physician: Megan Burke, MD                    
Criteria: 2 years post treatment and 5 years post diagnosis          
Clinic Times: Weekly
Children's Hospital and Regional Medical Center                           
ACCESS Long Term Follow Up Program                                                                 
Phone: 206-987-2106     
4800 Sand Point Way NE, B-6553                              
Seattle, WA 98105          
Primary Physician: Eric Chow, MD            
Age limit: Age 21             
Criteria: 2 years post treatment
Clinic Times: Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays                                                                       
Survivorship Program Study                                      
Phone: 509-474-2777     
101 W. 8th Avenue, 3rd Floor                    
Spokane, WA 99204                                                                                                                                       
The Childhood Cancer Survivorship Program                                     
Phone: 202-444-7599     
3800 Reservoir Road                      
Washington D.C. 20057                                                 
Clinic Times: Friday Mornings     
West Virginia University HSC – Charleston
FACCT Clinic
Phone: 304-388-2986
830 Pennsylvania Ave.
Charleston, WV 25302
Age limit: No limit
Criteria: 2 years post therapy
Children's Hospital of Wisconsin                            
"Next Steps" Clinic        
Contact: Louise Leuther, RN                                       
Phone: 414-266-2774     
9000 W. Wisconsin Ave.                               
Milwaukee, WI53226   
Primary Physician: Michael Kelly, MD, PhD                                          
Clinic Times: Second and fourth Wednesday of the month                                                                          
Caring for Life Survivors Clinic                                                  
Phone: 608-263-6420     
1675 Highland Ave.                         
Madison, WI 53792                                                         
Clinic Times: Two Wednesdays per month

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