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Air Travel and Lodging Assisitance

Originally published on November 11, 2009
Most recently updated on January 22, 2018

Air Transportation

Occasionally children must travel long distances in order to receive the specialized medical care they need. Many airlines provide free airline fares for a child and an accompanying parent. Social workers may assist you with this information, but it may also be helpful to contact each individual airline yourself. Remember to be persistent! It may be the supervisor of the supervisor who finally gives you the information you need for your courtesy fare.

These resources will get you started:

Phone: 800-245-9987

Phone: 800-296-1217

AirCharity Network

Phone: 877-261-7177

Angel Flight America

Phone: 918-749-8992

Children's Flight of Hope

Phone: 919-466-8593


Corporate Angel Network

Phone: 866-328-1313

Critical Care Medflight

Phone: 800-426-6557

LifeLine Pilots

Phone: 708-524-8937

Mercy Medical Angels

Phone: 717-318-9174

Miracle Flights

Phone: 800-359-1711

National Patient Air Transport Helpline

Phone: 800-296-1217

Patient Airlift Services

Phone: 631-694-7257


Accommodations can be costly and difficult to manage for the family of the child receiving ongoing treatment far away from home. The following is a list of services that can help with the lodging, either free or for a very lost cost. You will also want to check with the hospital where your child is receiving treatment as they may provide lower cost accommodations through partnerships with local boarding facilities.

* Please note that some of these organizations are based on regional location.

Joe's House

Phone: 877-563-7468

National Association of Hospitality Houses


Ronald McDonald House Charities

Phone: 630-623-7048


St. Jude's Housing

Target House (long term stay)
Memphis Grizzlies (short term stay)
Phone: 866-278-5833


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