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Life after Camp

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Life after Camp

Hi everyone,

I hope to talk to each of you individually in the next couple of weeks, but wanted to send a quick note. This was an amazing week. It was great to watch shy people open up, outgoing people stop everything and take time out for others, and bonds form that will last along time. There were bonds on could see coming and bonds which just happened because of the shared experience. 

We are hoping to keep the Parent group going with new topics each month. But for now I wanted to wrap up a couple of things. For those people who we reviewed IEP’s with, we will email you the letter we are going to send the school before we send it in case there are any additional concerns you would like us to add. A couple of people did not give us their IEP’s until the last day, so I will connect with them by phone. And I just missed Hailey’s, so I will call her.

We surveyed the teens about their social connections the first day. We resurveyed them at the end of camp. You will not be surprised to know that they felt a lot more connected to their peers after a couple of days. We will send the same survey in a month. We hope they stay in touch through Facebook and someone has already formed a group on Facebook. If there is anything going on in your area, please let me know and we will reach out to others in your area. We have a Survivor/Parent Conference coming up in Philadelphia on October 25. Here is the link to registration;jsessionid=12382DC8A9250471BA250FE84C0B8923.app321b?ACTION_REQUIRED=URI_ACTION_USER_REQUESTS&SURVEY_ID=3621

Lastly, sometimes coming home after a week of being surrounded by people who understand you and who have shared your experience and entering the “real world” again can be difficult. Many parents talk about their child being depressed after. Let us know if you need to talk or your child needs to talk.

Camp Mak-a-Dream will be sending a link to pictures and a contact list. Connor took some amazing pictures and we have some that we will be sharing.

In closing, Tom M said yesterday on the plane “Camp-it’s all about teamwork and we can get anything done”. Thanks for helping make a great team.


I do not think I will ever be able to say Thank You enough times for this trip!!!

Lexie is still glowing!!!

I have never seen her more at peace with herself!!!

Love and thanks to all who made it possible,. Alice

Alex is still talking about his experience. The people He met. the things he learned. He can't wait to go again. Thank you!!

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