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Camp's van flipped on way to Missoula Airport???

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Camp's van flipped on way to Missoula Airport???
Hi all- I just met up with Peter (he had a fantastic week) but I was very surprised to hear Pete say that the camp van went off the road this morning and flipped on its side. He and the other passengers in the early morning shuttle from camp to the airport had to climb out the driver's door. Why didn't anyone from camp let us know about this? Were they checked for injuries? Pete didn't think anyone was hurt thankfully. Catherine Griffith

Hi Catherine. Sorry i was in mid-air when this happened. The van was driveable and did make the next trip to the airport. The driver was avoiding a pothole at a construction side and went off the road. It was just stuck in the ditch right by camp. The nurse did come to the scene and make sure veryone was ok. I know Laura, the Executive Director of Camp, is calling everyone this week. Sorry the call didn't happen yeserday. I am sure if I was a parent and heard that I would be very nervous. Glad he made it home safely.



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