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Body image and teamwork

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Body image and teamwork

HI everyone,

I can not believe it is already Thursday. Today we talked about body image at an early cabin chat. Each person had to say one thing they liked about their looks. Sydney C said she loved her freckles and that a face without freckles was like a sky without stars. Very few people struggled to find something they liked about their looks. However, most of them did say it was much easier to be themselves here than at home because people were so judgmental. The majority said that if they felt bad about themselves they would go to their mom for reassurance. We are going to encourage them to keep their warm fuzzy notes for times when they were having a bad day.

Tonight’s fireside is on Teamwork followed by a team activity. Taking leadership roles and compromise can be a problem for many teens. Is there anything specific you would like addressed or examples you have?

Lexie Williams taught a cooking class and Elaine Pottenger talked about nutrition.

Hope you are all having a great week!

Beth, Wade and Stacia

Such great topics!!! And thank you for the update so I can ask Lexie about the details when we are together again!! Alice
Love these updates. Thanks stacia.

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