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Day Two Update

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Day Two Update

Yesterday was another great day for everyone here at camp.  Our final camper arrived last night and we are all excited to have him here.  The day was filled with lots of fun activities for the participants to go to.  Our morning started off with options that included meditation, arts and crafts, and sports and recreation.  Additionally several campers participated in Look Good, Feel Better, a program that offers tips to cancer survivors to help them with beauty and grooming tips.

Following lunch the campers spent time learning about the ways in which a brain tumor affects the way you think from Tara Brinkman, who is a psychologist from St. Jude Hospital.  In addition, we also spent time talking about introductions and greeting people, including how to shake hands in a professional manner.  This discussion and activity, led into a personality survey and learning about what strengths each teen possesses and how this can help them to understand more about their career interests.  We then talked with the younger teens about what an IEP is and how to advocate for your own needs and wishes, and talked with the older teens about educational transitions. 

We had cabin chat before dinner where we discussed barriers within three topics: school barriers, barriers to your independence, and medical and physical barriers.  It was a very emotional and thought-provoking discussion throughout all of the cabins.  We ended the evening with two more activities, one a drum circle and the other a fireside chat.  The fireside chat discussion focused on solutions to barriers the campers discussed throughout the day.  The campers came up with many solutions to some difficult situations they face on a daily basis.  We will update with soon with more information about the campers!


Thank you!  I've been anxiously waiting all day for this update - THANK YOU!!  :)

Sounds great. Can't wait to hear all about it from Alex. Thank you!

These are all topics that I have tried to address with Katie (Arianna) but never know how to approach them.  Thank you all so much for your time, effort and sharing your HUGE hearts with these kids!!!!  

Love the news!!! Thank you!!! Alice, Lexie's mom

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