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Day One Update

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Day One Update

First and foremost, we all arrived safely to Camp Mak-A-Dream today.  We are looking forward to Michael’s arrival tomorrow!  It is beautiful and hot, but cooling off quickly as we speak.  Everyone is getting checked in, going over their medications with the medical team, unpacking, getting acquainted with the camp, and all of them called home and we asked them to leave a message if they didn’t get ahold of you.  Everyone is here safe and doing well and getting to know one another. 

Tonight we will be doing icebreakers and announcing all of the wonderful accomplishments you shared with us.  It will be a relatively quiet evening tonight as everyone is quite tired after traveling, but also excited to be surrounded by so many new friends. 

We recognize how difficult letting your teens go away is and we want to once again thank you for letting us spend the week with your teens.  We look forward to getting to know them all better and watching them make new friendships with the other campers.  We will update each night with the days activities and accomplishments.  We hope you are all doing well and are feeling a sense of relief that your child made it safely to camp! 


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Thank u wade :)

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