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Campference and education mentors

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Campference and education mentors


As many of you know, on October 14th at New York Academy of Medicine, CBTF will hold its first "Campfrence" where we'll be connecting our families with professionals in order to connect with one another through increased knowledge in the brain tumor world.  This day will consist of interactive groups split up into family programming, survivor programming, bereavement programming, kid's programming and professional work.  This day will be both informational and fun with activities geared towards traditional camp themes.

The survivors will have information, program development and community building as a separate group throughout the day. During our last young adult chat, the formulated the idea of developing a one-to-one school mentor program. The mentor could assist with peer relationship issues and academic challenges. A group, including myself, could have monthly contact with the mentors and will continue to be the liaison and professional advocate with the school, but the survivors may come up with unique solutions and feel more comfortable and honest with each other.

I would like to start some training at the conference. I hope that Ann (Tori’s mom) and Tori will be talking to the group about the college interview and transition process.

The meeting is Tuesday, August 21 at 6PM at the CBTF office (274 Madison Ave). I would love to have as many teens and young adults as possible. Dr. Stephen Sands, neuropsychologist from  Columbia, will also be there. He has gone to HUC with me and is a great advocate.

What conference ideas and education ideas do you have? Other thoughts

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