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Day two

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Day two

Hi everyone! I want to give a detalied update, but will quickyl say fireside chat went excellent.

I wanted to introduce today's cabin and firedside chat. The topic is rejection and bullying. Tonight we will focus more on rejection including not making the grades, team or friends. There will be role-playing, but any specifics would be great. Again, names and details will be modified. 

I will give more details later. 

Thank you again for a great week with wonderful, genuine and warm teenagers.


LOVE the bullying topic.  Kyle was bullied badly in 6th grade.  He came home with upsetting stories every day and although we explained what to say (or just to ignore the bully), he couldn't do it.  He also had trouble telling an adult.  He didnt want to be the tattle tale.  ANY help, advice, role playing that Kyle can get involved with would help greatly in the future. 

As you all know, this is a widespread problem and not one specifically for brain tumor survivors.  I just think our kids dont have a mean bone in their body and dont understand why someone else could be so mean.  Possibly touching on the sadness and anger in OTHERS lives would help our kids understand a little of why others bully?? 

Missing my son so badly but I am sure he's having a ball..........He's such a presence in our home and it is so quiet without him (I think his sister is thrilled :)



P.S.  I just reread tonight's topics.....Not making the grade........a constant issue in our home.  Kyle now realizes when he gets a bad grade and gets very tough on himself.  It breaks my heart.  Possibly you can explore the notion of their EFFORT and not the grade they get.  We stress this all the time at home but it doesnt seem to help.  Kyle can study for hours and hours and still fail the test.  Does anyone else go through this????  How do you handle it???

Thanks, Lisa




Topics of being left out are near and dear to Lexie's heart. The kids in her current school are not mean(she has been through that in another setting), but she does not get invited to anything, and that hurts her heart !!! She usually doesn't know she is not included but if she finds out (like when someone's pool party pics are posted on FB), she gets so hurt. She doesn't understand why they would be nice to her at school and then not include her in out of school activities.

As for not making the grade, we have turned ouselves  inside out with neuro-psych results to find ways/strategies for Lexie to be successful in school, so she mostly does ok, with Accomodations !! Without them, she would bomb, and she knows it. She has become a good advocate for herself in this area. We also constantly stress school is about mastering some material and moving on, not making a certain grade. Having an older sister who gets straight A's doesn't help.But she has made progress in accepting that effort is the most important thing.

Thanks again Stacia, for masterminding all this time for teen talking together!!!!


Collin was so tied up in althletics.  He received accolades for his accomplishments and most if not all of his friends were althletes.  Then the tumor.  He is still friends with most of his athletic friends but on a different level.  He cannot participate like he used to.  He did not try out for the baseball team last spring.  He would come home from school (when others were practicing baseball) and just sit.  He said it was no big deal but I know it was! 

I hope these groups will bring insight to many of these young minds.



What about bullying by teachers? This has been a constant source of stress for Carolyn. The teachers who get angry because she can't remember all of the steps in something she was told to do, or who announce classroom processes like when/where to turn in homework but don't work with the kids for a few weeks to build a routine (in a special ed classroom!). She has also had teachers/assistants who demand things be done a certain way and when she tries to explain that her IEP calls for something different she is repremanded for being "disrespectful." One teacher actually asked "how do you know what's in your IEP?"

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