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PROJECT RENEW: Restoring Cognition in Children with Brain Tumors

Wednesday, March 12, 2014 - 5:30pm

This is a conference for healthcare professionals. It will take place in St. Louis from March 12th-14th. The goals of the conference are:

(1) the identification and characterization of the factors contributing to neuro-cognitive deficits in children with brain tumors, (2) the creation of evaluative tools for the rigorous quantification of these specific types of neuro-cognitive deficits in the context on ongoing developmental processes, and (3) the development of a framework for identifying and evaluating pharmaceutical and rehabilitative interventions for ameliorating cognitive functions.

Our initial focus will be on tumors of the posterior fossa only, but future work will also address these same issues in tumors of other brain regions. The initial focus is on posterior fossa tumors as this is the most common location for pediatric brain tumors, tumors of the posterior fossa are associated with measureable cognitive deficits and tumors in this location are routinely treated with: (1) surgery only (pilocytic astrocytomas), (2) surgery and radiation therapy (ependymomas) and (3) surgery, radiation and chemotherapy (medulloblastomas).  A focus on posterior fossa tumors will therefore have the potential to impact the greatest numbers of patients as well as provide insight into the relative contributions of tumor location, tumor type and treatment modalities to the disruption of normal developmental processes and cognitive function.

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