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How do you all feel??

By Tom
Sunday, May 29, 2016
This past Thursday we just had our AYA chat for this month, one particular question really got to me and still has been running in my mind. The question was how do you feel when you are at a wedding, single and sitting alone because of who we are? I know for a fact I have felt very awkward and sad at times, I even said at the most recent wedding I been to, they were taking pictures of each table, when they got to our table it was a photo of this married couple, another married couple, boyfriends and girlfriends, engaged couples then, came to me by myself witch felt very awkward. Then one of the husband from the table, who is like a brother to me, popped next to me for the pic. It did make it feel a little better that he cared and all but, still kinda bad that I have to be in this position. I also know prom week is starting and from seeing all these weddings coming up, engagements, new relationships. I know this saddens me very much. I want to know how do you all feel about this? What do all of you do?

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