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By Tom Ha
Thursday, February 26, 2015

When it comes to Relationships and, you are a cancer survivor, it can make you feel really bad and upset for the time! I have no shame and can tell all of you who do not know, I myself is a cancer survivor of Medullablastoma for 26 + years. My tumor was in a very rare spot, from what I know is I am one the lucky ones to be here today. I do have tremors and balance problems which I was told this will be forever. Whenever or wherever I go to any random place I always get stared at like what is that kid's problem? I know many people out there in the world who only care about looks as: (Eww your sick and weird I don't wanna hang or deal with you.) Then there is a very small amount of people out there that don't care what you look like on the outside, as long as you have a kind heart on the inside, that is what counts! Unfortunately, I haven't seen anything like that for 26 + years! I know many survivors that are dating, married and, even with kids of there own now. There are many times where I ask that question why? At our recent chat we were asked about relationships, what and, how did you feel on Valentine's day? Whenever it came to that very day, a friends wedding, even an anniversary or something, I would always feel really bad, sad, upset, mad, asking why, sobbing on the inside, thinking I will never experience this. How do you all deal with this?


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