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By Tom Ha
Thursday, February 20, 2014

For this past Wednesday, we had our monthly online chat for brain tumor survivors. The topic was “Friendship after being diagnosed”. I was only 8 years old when I had my brain tumor. After my first treatment, we moved to Marlboro. At that time I was in elementary school, with all new faces, I knew absolutely no one here; it was kind of scary at first. One of the friends I met was Nate. Time went by and we became good friends. We were still good friends in middle school. I hung out at his house and sometimes he came to mine. I could have said he was like my best friend after my diagnosis. In high school we still saw each other in some classes, but to me it seemed like we were not as close as before and the friendship were falling apart. Years later I had called him to come to my birthday and he told me had has plans on that very day. Ok, I understand. Next year I call him two weeks ahead for my bday and, he says he may be busy, ok. A week later I call to ask again and, he says now he has plans to hang out with his other friend. OK now I know what the situation is here! When I started college I was alone, but I didn’t let it bother me, at my last class I saw Nate had walked in the door. I was surprised and so was he, we talked but he sat no where near me. Afterwards we did not keep in touch anymore, nothing. I thought he was a friend but, eventually it had turned. Now I know all my true friends and family are within my CBTF, CMAD, YPG and, AYA family.

How did you all deal with friendship after cancer?  

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