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Being Different

By Tom
Saturday, March 2, 2013

I personally think it is really tough to make friends after diagnosis.  I definitely know it was not easy for me after being diagnosed, I was always looked at differently, treated differently, and always made fun of.  It took a long, long while to realize that It did not matter what others thought any more, just complete what had to be done.  After a while it has brought me to the topic of dating.  It is very difficult, first I had no real friends at all and never really knew what to do with this feeling.  There was a time when I actually got the courage to tell this girl what I thought of her but, she just told me she did not feel the same way.  Later on I find out she ends up with another guy who is not physically handicapped. I just saw this most compassionate, emotionally, lovely, clip (click here to view this clip).  I just hope there is much more people like this out there.

I would love to read what did you do when this came up? What do you thiink? How would you deal with it?

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