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Giving Tuesday

By Joe Fay
Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Giving Tuesday comes on the heels of Black Friday and Cyber Monday and asks that each of us take a moment during the holiday season to give to the charity of our choice. It's a simple idea and a good one, for it's easy to forget, in the haste of the holiday season, that helping those who most need our help is a wonderful gift to them and to ourselves.

How often can your hard-earned dollars be invested in a life-transforming activity? How often can your cash bring a smile to the face of  a child or tears of gratitude to the eyes of a parent? How often do you get to change just a little part of the world? Acting today, Giving Tuesday, is your opportunity to do all these things.

Children with brain tumors, their families and survivors face a storm that up-ends their lives every day. Imagine hearing that your child must endure a drill to her small head, or chemotherapy or radiation. Imagine hearing this has to happen today! Today, eleven children will be diagnosed in the U.S. with a brain or spinal cord tumor. Their lives and their families' lives will never, ever be the same. There will likely never be a return to "normal life".

Children's Brain Tumor Foundation provides hope and help for the whole journey these children and families take. We connect them to one another. We provide them insight and information about the disease and its long-term implications. We give them a day or a week of respite with recreational activities. We help teen and young adult survivors navigate the path to adulthood while helping parents of younger children secure support for their children in the classroom. We advocate for more research funding, and we fund a unique Children's Brain Tumor Tissue Consortium.

Please support Children's Brain Tumor Foundation today. You can make a donation here.

Thank you from all the children, families and survivvors we serve!

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