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By Tom Ha
Thursday, October 11, 2012


Yesterday on our online chat Maura had asked an interesting question that had really made me think back to my child days. 

Her question was, do any of you feel like "no one really understands" like it's so rare to meet someone who said "oh yea I had a brain tumor." Does this bother you at all that it's very rare to ever talk to people our age about our experience?

I was diagnosed with a brain tumor since age of 8, after my surgery I had lost a lot basically I could not even talk or even walk again, I had to restart everything again from step 1. Towards Maura’s question I can strongly agree and say Yes… I never had to tell anyone I had a brain tumor or had cancer they would see it.  Ever since elementary middle and high school I was made fun of or picked on because of my tremors or the way I walked.  It would always bother me, there were many times when I was very upset, I did not have any friends, I felt like I did not belong anymore.  Afterwards I just did not care anymore what people think of me it was just very annoying, not many people did understand!  I never got to make many friends my age because they never understood; the only people who do understand are the adults.  Then when I got associated with CBTF then I had made many friends and family who do care and understands your situation. How would you respond to this situation?

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