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Purpose project

By Tom Ha
Wednesday, September 12, 2012


For this past year I have been working with CBTF young adult survivors and, photographers Annie Levy and Paul White.  For our most recent project we had taken a lot of pictures, on different topics like: What matters to me?  Who inspires me?  What scares me?  Kind of like being detectives of ourselves, afterwards we would pick out our favorite picture or one of the topics that stands out to us the most and, write a little about why did we choose this picture or topic? 

I have chosen the topic: What gets in my way? When this topic came up it had given me many thoughts.  The first thing that came in my mind is “Cancer” because, of my brain tumor I can no longer do a lot of the things that I loved to do.  Second thing is “Discouraging parents” always telling me what I can or cannot do, I think I could decide that for myself.  Third is “Distance” I love to travel, and I would travel all around the world if I could.  Because of my brain tumor I cannot drive.  Since I became involved with CBTF I had met many friends and family all over the states.  I cannot drive there and I do not have the money to fly there.

One of my favorite pictures was a photo of the moon representing all my loved ones.  It just upsets me when I know they are sick and, I cannot reach to them because of transportation.  What are your thoughts?

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