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1st Annual Children's Walk Against Brain Tumors and Brain Cancer

By Haley Askew
Friday, August 17, 2012

In five and a half weeks will be holding our first ever Children’s Walk Against Brain Tumors and Brain Cancer.  When our ED first told me about this event I was very apprehensive.  One of my favorite events, the Danny Jegle Open is the Monday before the walk.  The Big Apple Circus event, CBTF’s longest running fundraiser is about a month after the walk.  I just wondered how a development staff of one was going to pull this all together. 

As we started to gather our ideas for this event we held a meeting on Long Island with some CBTF families.  They expressed a desire for the public to know and understand more about brain tumors.  I think when people hear the words brain tumor they know it’s scary.  But what they don’t know is the signs, how it affects the whole family unit, and that survivors are often left with late effects.  I knew we were going to have to make this work for our families.  This event was different…a fundraiser they wanted.

This isn’t exactly an educational event where we will be teaching facts about brain tumors.  My hope is that as families are raising money for CBTF people will ask questions.  People will learn more about brain tumors and our families will feel like they are making a difference.  Please consider joining us in this effort by walking with us on September 23rd at Eisenhower Park in Long Island or “virtually” walk with us and help raise funds through Firstgiving.  Details are on the events page or you can contact me at

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