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By Stacia Wagner
Saturday, June 2, 2012
Heads Up Conference 2011
Heads Up Conference 2011


As a result of a brain tumor and its treatment, many survivors face learning challenges. They may have difficulty organizing their thoughts, their memory may not be what it used to be or it may take slightly longer for what they hear to be processed. Hopefully while they are in school they will have access to educational accommodations and be supported by teachers so they can excel in school. However when they enter college, they have to advocate for themselves. This means meeting with the Disability Services staff and helping them understand that while they are still smart, the way they learn has changed. In Cassie Nguyen’s commencement speech she talks about her experience. Thank you for sharing Cassie and thank you for being so selfless in your volunteering and mentoring. 



Hello fellow graduates,

            Since our journey first started here at RCC, we have created and paved certain paths, each one different and unique for each of us to follow. Whether pursuing a nursing, culinary, or performing arts degree, we all have gone through and experienced positive and negative trials, but have all had one similar goal; to further our education and better our future. In that honor, we have this one special day to celebrate our journeys.

            When I first started coming to Riverside Community College, I was  eager to move ahead and forward with my education. RCC helped very much with that. It was exactly what I was looking for, someplace nearby that had a smaller amount of students. My first semester I only took a few courses, since I was unsure of what to expect and was worried that if I took too many classes at once that I might be too overwhelmed and not do as great. I wanted to take things slow to ensure I did well in all my classes. I also needed more time because of certain limitations caused by my surgery and treatment for cancer.  My transition was much easier and more pleasant because I met and made wonderful, kind and helpful friends and had the support, compassion and encouragement of teachers and faculty members. I was taken under the wing of the Disabled Student Services (DSP&S) that helped me tremendously with services that I needed that would sufficiently increase my progress while I was at RCC.  As time went by, I grew more familiar and accustomed to the “flow” of things here at RCC. I felt like I progressed more from year to year. I truly have enjoyed the classes I’ve taken here at RCC. With each of them, I’ve gained knowledge, experience, and the skills that will benefit me in the future. During my great years at RCC, I worked here on campus at the instructional media center for over a year. That was a exciting and wonderful experience for me. It was my very first job and I couldn’t have asked for better bosses and greater co-workers. 

      Also during my years at RCC, I have been volunteering for the American Cancer Society and Children’s Brain Tumor Foundation. I have been a volunteer, legislative ambassador, and mentot. I first learned of ACS when I was the recipient of their Young Cancer Survivor scholarship. I absolutely love what ACS  and CBTF represent (the support of survivors and how to eradicate cancer and brain tumors overall) and will continue volunteering for them my whole life.

            Thus far, I have completed my general education and all the lower division courses needed to graduate with honors for my Associates of Science degree in General business and transfer to University California of Riverside (UCR) for their business program. I feel confident that my advancement in education will help me to move forward and progress in life.

            My years here at RCC have been truly fulfilling. To the kind and helpful people I’ve meet along the way the teachers, students, student services like DSP&S, EOPS, financial aid, the health center, and many more, thank you.

            So supposedly 2012 is said to be the end of the world, but for us, it’s just the beginning. Congratulations class of 2012. We did it!

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