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By Stacia Wagner for CJ Nolze
Friday, May 4, 2012


This poem eloquently sums up many of the feelings expressed by other teen survivors. Thanks to survivor, high school student and outstanding author, CJ Nolze.


5 letters with no meaning on their own.
Hear them together, now you feel so alone.
You look to your side and see so many people there.
They're saying so much, but all you hear is fear.
Some ignorant people, start playing jokes.
After awhile you just laugh, because they're nothing more than a hoax.
Chemo. Radiation. They are both severe.
You lose your hair, and walk around in fear.
But you find out that there are people who understand. People who have gone through the pain. People who know how to withstand.
Male or female, there's no difference.
Only some can truly understand, the rest sit indifferent.
Staying strong. That's the real deal.
These are just 5 letters.
People can live over 100 years.
Never give up, humans are all stronger than that.
We as humans are tougher.
We as humans can beat it.
Too many lives have been taken.
Too many people live in fear.
You need to smile on your brightest days, and live them to the most.
Always remember when you wake up;
instead of looking through perfect black and white lenses, it's better to look through a single colorful cracked lens.

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