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Rising Prescription Costs

By Wade Iwata
Friday, April 13, 2012

In Thursday’s New York Times, Andrew Pollack wrote an article about prescription medication costs and the ways in which some health insurance providers are raising costs for some of the most expensive medications.  In certain states, such as New York, the state passed local laws that limit the amount insurance companies can charge for prescription medications.  It was the first law of its kind in the country and several other states have since created similar laws.  However, there are certain states where people with chronic and often debilitating illnesses are being forced to pay upwards of 20-35% of the prescription cost to receive the medication.  Sadly, this added cost is too much for some people and they are unable to afford the medication.  Thankfully, some of the makers of these costly medications do help families with their co-pays.  Additionally, some of the pharmaceutical companies are also lobbying for legislation to limit the amount drug companies can force patients to pay to receive their medication.  However, insurance companies are pushing back and some states drive to put limits on families out of pocket costs for prescription medications are being thwarted.  As the Alliance for Childhood Cancer, which CBTF is a member, prepares for their annual Childhood Cancer Action Day on June 4-5th, this article is timely in reminding everyone in the CBTF community how important advocacy is.  By contacting state representatives and making them aware of how these costs impact you, it is a hope that the cost of prescription medications can be limited. 


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To read Andrew Pollack’s article click here.

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