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Supreme Court Hearings

By Wade Iwata
Wednesday, March 28, 2012

This week the United States Supreme Court has been hearing arguments for and against President Obama’s Affordable Care Act.  The outcomes of the final ruling, which is scheduled for sometime in June, have a far reaching impact on children diagnosed with brain tumors.  Today, the Supreme Court Justices are hearing arguments about the severability of the law, seeing if the Affordable Care Act was ruled unconstitutional, could certain parts of the law be kept in place.  This too has an enormous impact on children with brain tumors.   

While research shows that the majority of the country is against the Affordable Care Act, a surprising majority feel supportive of certain aspects of what is proposed.  There is an approval rating of eighty-five percent for a provision that stops insurance companies from excluding or charging premiums to people with pre-existing conditions.  This mandate is already in effect for children and will expand to adults in 2014 if the Affordable Care Act is kept in place.  However, if the Affordable Care Act is ruled unconstitutional, there is a possibility that this and other popular mandates would be stopped as well. 

For more information on today’s Supreme Court Hearings, the NY Times wrote an informative article that can be found at:

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