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By Stacia Wagner and Tom Ha
Monday, March 26, 2012
Last year's YPG Bowl-A-Thon
Last year's YPG Bowl-A-Thon

Each year the CBTF Young Professional’s Group (YPG) holds a Bowl-A-Thon. They ask survivors to attend and become part of a team. The group has become very close and many of the survivors are also members of the YPG group.

While people volunteer and become involved for a lot of reasons, for some the event and group change their lives permanently. Here is the story of why CBTF mentor, brand ambassador, survivor and so much more, Tom Ha, volunteers.

I am one of the lucky one's who survived a brain tumor.  I was diagnosed with a brain tumor at the age of 8.  There were many times when I felt very frustrated with myself from what I had lost or what I could no longer accomplish.  I was just hopeless and lonely for over 20 yrs!

In 2009, I got to know Children's Brain Tumor Foundation (CBTF) and Young Professional’s Group (YPG).  Through CBTF I've gotten to go to Heads Up Conference at Camp Mak-a-Dream in Montana as a camper. I even got to mentor for the same camp a year afterwards.  At the camp everyone was a brain tumor survivor. I have gotten very close with all and now know them as my family.  

CBTF/YPG has really turned my life around! 

Last year Bowl-a-thon event meant a lot to me. RIP my brothers and sisters: Corey James Mobley, Trish Singh, Jen Autry and, Matt Snodgrass. :( Please help us do the same this year....... Thanks”

Thanks for all you do Tom! Here is a link to his First Giving page if you would like to support him.

If you are interested in participating in or supporting the YPG Bowl-A-Thon!/events/192693970843845/

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