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By CBTF Staff
Friday, February 24, 2012
Hadley McLean at the CBTF office
Hadley McLean at the CBTF office

On Tuesday, the CBTF staff had the pleasure of meeting 9 year old Hadley and her father Tim McLean.  In April of 2011 Hadley began complaining of headaches and nausea.  Her parents instinctively knew something wasn’t right and demanded an MRI.  She was then diagnosed with a medulloblastoma.  The closest children’s hospital is Dana Farber in Boston, which is about an 8 hour drive for the McLean’s who come from Presque Isle, Maine, and Hadley has endured countless trips to the hospital.  Fortunately, Hadley’s family is able to utilize generous services like Angelflight for their frequent trips to the hospital, but as you can imagine, they still have many hardships that they face daily. Hadley has been receiving several types of treatments and is currently managing posterior fossa syndrome. 

As her 9thbirthday approached in January, Hadley’s parents asked her what she wanted.  With all that she has been through, you would imagine her birthday would be an exciting time filled with gifts and presents for her.  However, Hadley had another thought. She claimed she didn’t need anything.  She wanted to take all the money that would have gone towards her gifts and donate them to CBTF!  What an inspiration!  Her local community found this selfless girl to be quite inspiring as well.  The local mall offered to host Hadley’s birthday party.  Everyone came out to support Hadley and her fight against brain tumors.  In lieu of gifts, people made donations to CBTF.  

Hadley and her father came to New York City to give us the donations in person and we enjoyed a pizza lunch with them before sending them off to see the Statue of Liberty.  The staff at CBTF feels truly honored to have met Hadley.  Her joyful spirit touched everyone in the room. 

Through her generosity CBTF will be able to provide support to many more families who are facing a brain tumor diagnosis.  It is with great pride and admiration for Hadley and her entire family that we at CBTF thank her for her extraordinary kindness and generosity.  Hadley you are truly an inspiration to us all! 

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