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By Kayla Giacin
Wednesday, February 22, 2012
CBTF teens and DJs at Scratch DJ Academy
CBTF teens and DJs at Scratch DJ Academy

CBTF’s teen survivors seem to be taking New York City by storm as we continue our adventures with our new teen photography class, led by professional photographer Annie Levy and her assistant, Paul White.  The class has been meeting since the beginning of January and with only two months in; we already have a few adventures under our belt!

This class has been introducing the teens to techniques in photography that include finding images that are meaningful to them and challenges them to express them in a variety of unique ways.  For example, one of their first assignments was to take a picture of their front door.  At first, this might not sound very exciting but it encouraged the class to think outside the box, whether it be taking the image from a unique angle, showcasing the physical area that the teens live in, or showing things that are meaningful to them. For example, we had many doors that featured the dogs of the teens who owned them, waiting for them at their door!

Another exciting part of this class are the trips we have been able to take.  Annie has thought of some very unique places for us to visit, ones that offer the teens a chance to have fun and take great pictures.  We visited Scratch DJ Academy, which is a school designed specifically to train DJs the art of record scratching.  Many of the experienced DJs spent time with the teens; showing them techniques, letting them scratch records, and of course take pictures of this very cool place!

Just last week, we went to Brooklyn to visit Mora Glass Art, a glass blowing studio where we had an incredible demonstration by Ivan, who showed us much of what is involved in the art of glass blowing and designing.  We travelled by train, ferry, and foot (and some of us even by cars!) to get there so we definitely had a day full of adventures with fabulous opportunities for picture taking.  For many of the teens, (and even some of the adults, like myself!) this was the first time they had travelled to Brooklyn or rode on a ferry, so the experience was a very memorable one.

I’m very excited to see how the rest of this class develops as we go on more trips and get to share more of each others’ photos.  We’ll end the class with a review, where we will pick our favorite pictures and showcase them in a slideshow.

We’re very grateful to have Annie and Paul working with us, who are not only fabulous photographers but very inspiring in helping the teens to find individual ways of expressing themselves through a lot of fun and humor.  We’re also very grateful that two of our young adult survivors, Tom Ha and Steven Hazlett, are serving as mentors to the class with their experiences and interest in photography. Also, a big thanks to all of Annie's guests, including Adam Moran, Burton Team Photographer, who is our photographer "on location" sending in pictures from all over the world, giving feedback on participants' photos, and answering our questions about action sports - THANK YOU ADAM. 

Be sure to check out our facebook page for the photos we have so far and keep an eye open as we add more. 

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