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By Kayla Giacin
Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Despite all of the joy and celebration that marks the holiday season, it seems as though with all of the crowded stores and last-minute shopping, party planning and travel, and all else that is involved with holiday “cheer”, many people enter and leave the holiday season feeling tired and stressed.  It’s easy to let all of the good points of this time of year fall to the wayside, even though these points are supposed to be the hallmark of the holiday season!

I think it’s important to take the time to step back and recognize all of the good that takes place and even take a look at how we can engage in these acts ourselves.  For example, most of you are probably aware of the holiday parties that we held this month.  Teen survivor Lionel Chen organized a toy drive at his school in order to donate toys to be given out at our annual family party.  What a fantastic way to spread holiday cheer, Lionel’s initiative benefited so many children and families who struggle in their daily lives.

Another act of kindness that impressed me was the way that my sister and those at her place of employment celebrated the season. The staff of the dental office for which she works went on a Christmas outing at the Ronald McDonald House in Connecticut, made lunch for the kids, and exchanged Christmas presents. 

These acts of kindness truly honor the real meaning of the season bringing joy to both the recipients of these gifts as well as those that give them.  So whether you have already began celebrating with Hanukkah, are in the last few days before Christmas, or celebrate other traditions this time of year, please step back from all of the hustle and bustle that this season inevitably brings and take the time to recognize the acts of kindness that take place, and also consider what you can do to to spread holiday cheer now and throughout the year.  

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