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The Fourth Annual Heads Up Conference is underway

By Stacia Wagner
Monday, June 6, 2011

The Fourth Annual Heads Up Conference is underway. Today is the first full day of the Fourth Annual Heads Up Conference held in collaboration with Camp Mak-a-Dream in Gold Creek, Montana. This educational, recreational, and community building conference for young adult brain tumor survivors brings together 40 survivors and survivor mentors.

One of the conference goals is to empower survivors. Through this empowerment, we hope people are able to assist in creating an awareness both about the successes and challenges brain tumor survivors may face, but also the challenges and continued difficulties people with disabilities face because of the public’s lack of knowledge and occasionally because of the response people the public has towards people with disabilities. The follow-up blog will contain more details about this.

Today at HUC, we are going to talk about using photography to document life experience and relationships with peers both before and after a brain tumor. We are also going to have yoga sessions, zip line rides, and great food all under a beautiful Montana setting.

Special thank you to all the presenters, participants, Camp Mak-a Dream staff, and survivor mentors. An extra special  thanks to the parents who despite the distance and apprehensions, let their children join us for this amazing week.

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