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By Stacia Wagner
Wednesday, April 27, 2011
Teen HUC reunion
Teen HUC reunion

Being diagnosed with a brain tumor as a child or teenager not only changes you, but it may change the way people around you perceive you. For those of us who are family members or work with brain tumor patients and survivors, we see every day the accomplishments, successes and challenges faced by the patients and survivors. We also know the great deeds they are capable of accomplishing.

Sometimes we forget the pain individuals must endure to get where they are. Sometimes it is lack of peer support, sometimes it is not being able to do the thing they loved most, and sometimes it may be changing the way you learn. Every day we have so much to celebrate, but today we want to give a shout out to two amazing young woman.

Laura is a tenth grade student and a five year survivor of a JPA.  Her diagnosis changed her athletic life and the way her friends interacted with her. Last year, she participated in our Teen Heads Up Conference. Her wisdom, insight, and compassion added so much to the group. Laura was recently inducted in the National Honor Society. According to her mother one comment she made was “I think people expect me to be remedial.” This is a reminder to all of us to recognize the potential people have despite some learning changes.

The second young woman, Morgan, constantly amazes us with her willingness to help anyone and to try anything. She reaches out to others, provides support to her friends and family, and never sees an athletic challenge she doesn’t try. Morgan is also a long term medullablastoma survivor. Here is a video of Morgan’s latest endeavor. As always.

Morgan is sailing to new heights.

Thanks Morgan and Laura for all you do.

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