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By Jennifer Zivic
Monday, November 29, 2010
So I am safely back stateside after being stuck in the Delhi airport for an extra day...long story but basically it was a little hectic getting out of Kathmandu and Lukla because of bad weather and fog over the last 12 days which caused a chain reaction in my flights. Many people are still stuck so I am considering myself lucky at this point to be home. One chap I met was stuck in Lukla for 8 days thus far. We got out safely by helicopter.

It is amazing after going on such an incredible yet physically, emotionally and mentally challenging trip up a mountain in a third world country in harsh conditions for many reasons including temperature, altitude and cleanliness, how your perspective can change so dramatically. We are SO lucky to live where we do and have the freedoms and opportunities that we do. The Nepalese and in particular the Sherpa people are incredible...they live in some of the harshest conditions and environment that I have ever seen and they are always smiling and happy and helping others. They reminded me of the brain tumor patients, survivors and their families. This may seem all too cliche but I am very serious.

The people I have met and heard about personally and at the CBTF functions seem similar and yet they are literally continents away. The children and adults affected by this awful disease are also living under harsh conditions including chemotherapy, radiation and hospital visits and yet I find couldn't be more positive and truly a pleasure to be around. They exude hope and that's what the Sherpa people do as well. There was an unexpected connection I found, so in the end felt this was a very appropriate place to culminate the end of my fundraising efforts for 2010. We have exceeded $350,000 and personally I have exceeded $14,500. My goal is still $17,000 so maybe there is still time to get there, considering I came home to many donations inspired during the actual struggles I was facing on the mountain. There couldn't have been a better welcome home gift (well excpet maybe my mother standing outside the gate with balloons and a sign for me at 12:00 on a Monday night!)!

Thank you for the warm wishes...they truly made it possible when making the final uphill altitude push to 18,433 feet, going one more day without a shower, eating another bowl of rice and visiting yet another "outhouse".

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