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By Jennifer Zivic
Monday, November 8, 2010

November 5th:

The internet has not been working or has been difficult so I can only type you a message from my here is my first blog to post and I will send a photo in about an hour from the helicopter to go with it!

So we have been in Kathmandu,Nepal for a couple of days exploring the city, prepping mentally for the climb into the mountains and getting to know the Nepalese people and ways. It has been amazing thus far and completely surreal. The city is a complete juxtaposition between the chaos of poverty and pollution vs the serenity of Buddhism.

I hope that the military style boot camp I attended is enough physical conditioning to get to base camp and back on this 15 day trek. But I am proud to be taking the flight this morning to Lukla where we begin and know that the survivors and potential survivors of brain tumors as well as thoughts of my Dad and what he went through will get me there when I have to dig deep. The 12,000 plus dollars I raised along with the 350,000 dollars raised by LIMA for the climb is also going to help me bring this to fruition and hopefully inspire others to do what they can. Even 2 of the guys on the climb are inspired and have donated to our efforts and they just met me! Needless to say I am with a good group from places like Arizona, Kansas City, Monaco, and Brazil and so not alone..

Will keep you all updated on the journey!! 

View from flight to lukla!


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