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By Stacia Wagner
Friday, September 10, 2010
Back to School
Back to School
Most teachers rarely, if ever, work with a childhood brain tumor survivor. They may not recognize the learning challenges a person may face from her diagnosis and treatment. Many cognitive effects will not be apparent until more complex thinking is required around third grade. This may be long after treatment ends. As parents, you may notice changes like your child spends the majority of his time completing homework, has trouble translating his thoughts to paper, or seems less organized especially when completing complex assignments. Teachers may blame it on lack of motivation or assume she has attention/deficit problems.
For most pediatric brain tumor survivors who had radiation and/or chemotherapy, Children’s Oncology Group recommends neuropsychological testing every two years as to assess changes. This testing is not evaluating IQ, but rather cognitive abilities such as memory, organizational skills and processing speed. The CBTF web site and the social workers at CBTF can assist in providing the information and advocating for the services needed to assure your child’s educational potential.
Many parent’s have been through school challenges and can give practical advice through our F2F mentor program. If you would like to talk to another parent or share your story, please call CBTF at 866-228-4673 or email

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