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Follow-Up Years After Brain Tumor Treatment Is Essential

By Stacia Wagner
Thursday, August 5, 2010
A recent article in the Annals of Internal Medicine reports health risks faced by childhood cancer survivors shorten their lifespan by an average of ten years. The increase risk is higher for survivors of brain and bone cancer. Getting a brain tumor was out of your control, but practicing preventive medicine is your choice. Many hospitals now have special clinics dedicated to the unique medical, cognitive, and psychological needs of childhood cancer survivors. The CBTF website lists late effects clinics.
So what health risks do survivors face and what testing do they need? The recommendations and risks can be found on the Children’s Oncology Group website. Most of the health risks are not life threatening if caught early and can be addressed through medication, diet and exercise.
What if there is not a late effects clinic nearby? You can share the guidelines with your primary care physician. You will have to know about your medical history. A short description of your diagnosis and the relevant treatment information including surgeries, chemotherapy, radiation and complications can be obtained from your original treatment facility.
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