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By Jessica Riester
Wednesday, July 7, 2010

On Monday July 5, 2010, 35 families of children with brain tumors arrived in Casco, Maine to attend the CBTF Brain Tumor Session at Camp Sunshine. Families traveled from states including Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, Massachusettes and Maine. Camp Sunshine includes beautiful facilities located near a large lake in Maine. During CBTF's Brain Tumor Session, children diagnosed with brain tumors and their families enjoy a variety of activities including boating, swimming, sports, and recreational games. Every night a special event takes place. Tonight all children and families are invited to participate in a talent show where every act or talent is highly applauded and appreciated. Camp Sunshine offers free meals and lodging, and a week of respite for the family. Most importantly, Camp Sunshine allows families to build a supportive community that remains available to them forever. Parents meet other parents who truly understand each others' experiences, and children find it easy to make friends as they are around children with similar situations. Siblings finally meet other siblings who have shared their experiences. Everyone is welcome at Camp Sunshine and families report a feeling of comfort and of being at "home." All family members leave camp with new friends, connections, information and a supportive community. Feel free to post questions or comments about Camp Sunshine here!

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