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Advocacy is…

  • Supporting a cause that is important to you
  • Working on behalf of a community
  • Taking action and making a difference

There are many ways to advocate for children and families whose lives have been affected by brain and spinal cord tumors.  As you navigate these pages it is our hope that you can discover what being an advocate means to YOU!  You have the chance to play a vital role in achieving a brighter future for patients, families and survivors of pediatric brain tumors.

Getting Started…

  • Become familiar with government processes
  • Learn about priority policy issues

CBTF Making A Difference Through Advocacy

One strategy CBTF utilizes to achieve its mission is Case Advocacy.  We work with clients directly, to ensure that each family receives every available service they are entitled to and deserve.

CBTF is one of the founding members of the following advocacy coalitions:

Alliance for Childhood Cancer: The Alliance for Childhood Cancer, representing more than two- dozen national patient advocacy groups and professional medical and scientific organizations, has been established to advocate on behalf of the youngest victims of cancer. CBTF is a charter member. Patient advocates, many of whom are either cancer survivors themselves or are parents of children with cancer, are joined by oncology professionals representing the multidisciplinary spectrum of cancer care in a unique alliance that brings concerned parties together to advance the interests of children with cancer.

North American Brain Tumor Coalition: CBTF is a charter member of the North American Brain Tumor Coalition (NABTC), a network of charitable organizations dedicated to eradicating brain tumors. The member organizations of the NABTC have awarded over $20 million in private funds for research related to brain tumors. The NABTC also represents the interests of its constituency by raising awareness of brain tumors and by advocating for increased funding for research, access to specialized care, and other issues affecting patients with brain tumors. Below are some of the NABTC member organizations.




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